Through sport and movement many diseases can be prevented. No matter whether at work or in the spare time, there are numerous possibilities to positively work at or strive for an improvement of your own state of health.

A wide range of sports facilities, various outdoor swimming pools and swimming lakes over the whole province, the inimitable pistes in the province of Salzburg, as well as gymnasiums, ice arenas and indoor swimming pools are providing a gigantic offer of sports possibilities.

The city of Salzburg is opened up by a fine-meshed cycle track net. There are countless bicycle routes throughout the province for comfortable as well as for challenging bicycle tours.

In 2006 Salzburg was the venue of the World Cycling Championship, which attracted around 300.000 visitors to the city of Mozart, accompanied by the bright sunshine.

In 2008 three qualifying (preliminary) round games of the European Soccer Championship took place in the host city Salzburg. In addition to the stadium in Wals-Siezenheim, public viewing areas served as scenes of this unique soccer festival.