A wide association “scenery“ as well as an excellent service and support structure are forming the basis for the sport location Salzburg.

The federal state sport organisation of Salzburg (LSO Salzburg) was founded on November 26, 1947, as the first sports management in Austria. The federal state sport office is responsible for the administrative execution of business of the sport organisation in the federal state Salzburg. The federal state sport office has its registered office in the House of Sport in the EM-stadium of Wals-Siezenheim.

The three umbrella organisations General Sports Federation of Austria (ASVÖ), Study Group (Working Committee) for Sport and Body Culture in Austria (ASKÖ) and Austrian Gymnastics and Sports Union offer extensive advisory activities as modern sports service providers. Insurance services as well as trainings and further educations are also forming a part of it, in addition to important ideal and financial supports.

For federations, associations as well as individual sportsmen there are sport subventions. The scope of supportive measures range from supportive measures for the youth service and subventions for coaching/trainer jobs to travelling allowances.