The various landscapes of Salzburg have many different customs/traditions, some of which are only (henceforth) maintained at one single place.

During the pre-Christmas period St Nikolaus and Santa´s Little Helper (“Krampus“) come to visit the children. A newer development in this regard are organised “Krampusläufe“ where the Krampus figures are rather copying fantasy costumes of the film industry.

At the Twelve Days/Nights after Christmas the so called “Glöckler“ and “Perchten“ come for a visit.

Living summer customs especially in the Lungau are the “Prangstangen“ and the Samson processions.

The “Rupertikirtag” in Salzburg is one of the most traditional public festivals in Austria and is visited by more than 100.000 people per year, distributed over 5 days.