ermanent further education is a precondition, above all, for a dynamic competitive economy, but also a method of resolution for social conflicts and individual problems.

The institutions of professional adult education are offering academies/colleges, training courses, courses and seminars, that is to say all kinds of courses. Vocational offers, EDP courses, language courses, health-related seminars and much more can be found in the various course offers.

The WIFI (=Institute of Economic Development) is a service institution of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Salzburg. Objectives are an improvement of the technical and enterpreneurial qualifications as well as assistance in case of enterprise-specific questions.

The BFI (=Institute of Education Furtherance) is a professional training and further education institution for employees. The uppermost purpose is the creation, maintenance and improvement of the chances of employees on the constantly changing job market.

Also the adult education centre is aiming at the adult education and further education. Special programmes for children and seniors are completing the extensive offer.

The Salzburg Management GmbH (Ltd) – University of Salzburg Business School (SMBS) esablishes itself through its high-quality course offer at the top of the European training and further education market. Main focus of the education offer, which is carried out in close collaboration with the University of Salzburg and further renowned domestic and foreign universities as well as institutions closely linked to university, are various master programmes.