The Salzburg University of Technologies, one of the country’s most outstanding educational establishments, has put the student with all his wants and expectations at the centre of its conception of itself. “Welcome to your future” – so runs the invitation, and at the same time the promise, of the FHS to its students.

This unconditional, future orientated approach is supported by a string of additional characteristics of the FHS. The continual striving after new international network connections provides students with easy access to semesters abroad or internships internationally.

However, what really sets the FHS apart from many comparable educational establishments is its unique management structure. The Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Labour are the two pillars of the institution which take an equal share of the load. This example of invigorated social partnership is an absolute model in Austria, and has made an impression far afield. The FHS is a showcase project, which, not the least for this reason, provides the ideal prerequisites for a high quality academic education with all its perspectives.

Salzburg University of Applied Sciences – main research areas

  • Wood and biogenic technologies
  • Information technologies and system management
  • Business management
  • Social work and tourism
  • DE|RE|SA-Design Research Salzburg
  • MultiMediaArt und MultiMedia Technology
  • Health studies